Essence Workshop October 07

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are”

“One on one sessions are a way to explore what’s happening in your life in a supportive environment and more personal setting”.

My approach is to empower you to gain a greater level of self-understanding and awareness. I believe inherently you understand yourself better than anyone else, so my role is to offer tools, techniques and processes to help and encourage you to tap into your own strengths, resources and innate potential, to assist in understanding yourself more fully. In this way, guided by you, we can explore together what holds meaning for you and develop a way to move forward in the best way possible.

Reconnect to Self – To your “Unique Essence”

Often Your 2nd Act can be a time of rediscovering, remembering, re-emerging or reinventing yourself.  A core part of doing this is reconnecting to your unique essence as a guide for how to move forward with authenticity and clarity.

 In this workshop, we invite you to reconnect with your authentic self to explore your unique essence and how you deliver it to the world. 

Every. Single. One. Of. Us. Is. Unique!  Each with our own “essence”.  However, in the busyness of life this may become clouded or we may forget.  Our life experiences and/or the roles we play can sometimes lead to a sense of being disconnected from ourselves, our essence and purpose. This is when we might start to feel a pull to reconnect with our true self or to “remember” what it is we have to offer to pave our path ahead.

Now is the perfect time to reflect on this, as 2023 in numerology is a 7 year, which is said to bring with it an energy for “centering self” by returning and reconnecting with our true selves.  It’s a call to listen to our intuition, inner-self and wisdom. 

In addition, our “2nd Act” is often a transitional phase of life, where we might start thinking; what’s next, where to from here, what do I have to give or how can I make a change?

By understanding, appreciating and living our unique “true” selves, we are opening the door to insights and the chance to navigate these questions and new possibilities with greater ease and understanding.  We’re able to embrace our essence (which holds our unique gifts and qualities) knowing exactly what we have to offer.  We’re able to move forward without comparison, acknowledging and appreciating both ours and others’ unique selves.

In this workshop, through guided creative processes, imaginative visualisation and mindfulness, we invite you to play, express and explore to see what unfolds for you through the therapy of art and creative expression.  You will connect to your inner self and explore what your unique essence is, the elements that make up your essence, the values it holds, where it comes from, how it flows from you and how you deliver it to the world.

Because remember – no one else has your essence or offering – it’s your special magic!


Michelle (founder of Your 2nd Act podcast) and I would love you to join us for this “2nd Act” inspired workshop.

Details: Saturday Oct 07 @ Gallery Lane Cove & Creative Studios (Bernina Textiles Studio – Ground Floor)

Time: 10.30-1.00   Cost: $75

Note: No previous art experience is necessary, just bring an open heart and mind!  All materials, tea/snacks will be provided with numbers limited for maximum nurturing.

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