Expand Workshop June 14

Expand – “The Ripple Effect”

In this beautiful workshop I invite you to connect with your inner wisdom to explore the ripple effect of expansion in your life through creative expression.

As a water droplet lands on still water, its impact creates momentum for an expansion of ripples. Our actions and intentions are often the catalyst that create a similar momentum for us to grow or create change to expand and move forward.

What are you willing or wanting to put your energy into this year to expand and grow? Maybe you want to expand in some way, but aren’t sure what, where or how to start? Maybe there’s something rippling away in your life you want to dive deeper into? Maybe you just want to see what unfolds, or feel stagnant and want to create a way forward?

Wherever you’re at, this workshop offers you the chance to open the door to valuable insights through mindfulness, guided visualisations, connection and playful creative processes.

In numerology, 2024 is an 8 year which is said to bring with it an energy for manifesting intention, working with purpose and witnessing the universe align with your ambitions and passions. It’s about letting your energy flow to start a chain reaction of unfolding and swelling outwards.

Now is the perfect time to expand and generate abundance around what you’re wanting to put your energy into.

I would love you to join me for this art therapy workshop to discover the possibilities awaiting you as you explore the ripple effect of expansion in your life and what this looks like for you.

Details: Friday June 14 @ Gallery Lane Cove (Bernina Textiles Studio downstairs)
Time: 10.00-12.30pm Cost: $75

Please contact me at julianne@spacetoexpress.com.au to make your booking.

Note: No previous art experience is necessary, just bring an open heart and mind! All materials, tea/snacks will be provided with numbers limited for maximum nurturing.

For more information about this workshop or art therapy and how it can assist, visit Julianne’s website www.spacetoexpress.com.au or call 0475 519 995

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