Groups and Workshops

Our group workshops are welcoming spaces that encourage a sense of belonging and focus on community, connection, discovery and creative expression. They range from intuitive and therapeutic artmaking through to deeper exploratory art therapy.


Our small groups and circles offer a collective community where we can hold space for one and other, listen and share in a nurturing safe space.

Through creative prompts, mindfulness techniques and sharing, these are facilitated in a way that foster wellbeing, intuitive insight, creative expression, imagination, playful curiosity, exploration and reflection (both individually and collectively).

Each small group workshop is generally based around a theme (such as human experience, seasonal changes, life metaphors, etc) where you can explore your inner and outer landscape through various creative modalities incorporating mark making (painting, drawing, etc), journalling or collage for instance.

You are invited to express and explore in a way and style that is right for you, based on where you’re at in that moment and your response to the experience.

Depending on the style, our workshops usually run for around 1.5 to 3 hours.

All are welcome to join in, as no previous art experience is necessary. Everyone has the capacity to create – it is innate within us all and forms part of our unique self-expression!

I look forward to sharing a nurturing creative space with you soon.

Check out upcoming workshop dates, locations and themes in the “EVENT” section of our website or via Instagram at


Let’s develop a tailored creative wellbeing workshop together.

Our individual tailored workshops are designed for children and adults across various sectors, such as Aged Care, Corporate, Educational, Community and Disability.

Perhaps you’re:

Whatever you’re working on or whatever’s happening, I’m here to chat about what you’d like to do and develop an imaginative creative workshop or program that’s just the right fit – be that a once off or ongoing experience.

Tailored around your goals and requirements, individualised processes and creative techniques will be developed and used to create a unique offering.

I look forward to hearing from you to share a nurturing creative space with you soon.

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